Prose and



a digital realization of Italo Calvino's

General Introduction

In his essay "Prose and Anticombinatories", Italo Calvino delivered an idea of a machine that permits the artist "to liberate himself from the slavery of a combinatory search." The idea is a system that generates plots with defined attributes of characters. The writer would define the plots of a story by a series of selection of "Who does What to Who," and the system would log all plots until a story came to a closure. In his essay, for instance, ití»d resolve in the deaths of three characters.

In the system, what conditions a character's acts is what Calvino called Objective Constraints (the compatibility between relations and the order of sequences), Subjective Constraints (basic characters' ability and tendency to an action like whether A has the strength to kill) and Esthetic Constraints.

In this version of digital realization, Objective Constraints and the possibility for customized characters and actions are still unsolved. Fully developed it would be a system that can evolve to a plot remaxing machine of current films and dramas